The Playgroup was opened in September 1968 to provide pre-school education for children from Comberton and the surrounding villages.  The school building is leased from the Church Commissioners on an annual basis by the Playgroup Management Committee.

The fees are used entirely to fund the day to day running costs of the playgroup and maintaining the building.  Our Parent Playgroup Association (PPA) also helps with fundraising for educational resources and equipment for the children.

We became a registered charity in 2004.

We became a limited company in 2009

Our aims

We aim for our Playgroup is to provide a stimulating, happy and caring atmosphere in which the children are encouraged to develop their full potential.

Emphasis is placed on building the child’s vocabulary and understanding of words through stories, rhymes, discussion and imaginative play.

Time is devoted to creative activities developing the children’s manual dexterity.

The children are encouraged to express themselves freely in all their activities, becoming self confident and independent.

One of the main objectives of the Playgroup is to encourage and help the children to join in social groups, through playing constructively with others and learning integration and communication within their

Comberton Playgroup respects individuals for who they are, and welcomes diversity of gender, culture, religion, language, age, ability, disability and social circumstances.

Comberton Playgroup is OFSTED inspected and is registered for Early Years Funding and Childcare Vouchers.